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Nicolás Wainstein’s paper has been accepted to IEEE TNANO!

January 17th, 2018

Nicolás Wainstein’s paper, “A Lumped RF Model for Nanoscale Memristive Devices and Non-Volatile Single-Pole Double-Throw Switches” has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.

In this paper, a scalable lumped model that accurately predicts the steady-state high-frequency behavior of nanoscale RF memristive devices is presented. The model is described (a) analytically by a set of closed-form equations that determine the parameters based on the device physical structure, allowing for optimized circuit design and performance through structure modifications, and (b) numerically to fit the model parameters to experimental data, allowing for evaluation of the accuracy of the model. This model is, to the best of our knowledge, the first lumped RF memristor model that includes device parasitics obtained from empirical measurements reported in the literature. Results show that the model is reasonably accurate, with 9.6% and 13% relative RMS error for the ON-state magnitude and phase, respectively. Furthermore, we propose three topologies (series, shunt and series-shunt) of nonvolatile single-pole double-throw switches using our lumped RF memristor model. The series and shunt topologies are single voltage-controlled, while the series-shunt requires two control signals. Simulation results of these topologies exhibit low insertion loss and high isolation (below 0.25 dB and over 63 dB, respectively). The added non-volatility and nanoscale size will result in reduced power consumption and higher density devices.

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