In the Technion ASIC2 Research Group we investigate the implications of emerging technologies in Computer Architecture, VLSI Systems, and Integrated Circuit Design. In the context of this research, resistive switching devices such as Resistive RAM (RRAM), Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetoresistance RAM (STT-MRAM), Phase Change Memory (PCM), 3D Xpoint, and more, best known as memristors, are used for various applications, such as energy-efficient architectures, memory design, logic circuits, analog and mixed-signal circuits, hardware security, neuromorphic and cytomorphic computing.
ASIC2 is also very much involved in developing simulators, device models, and tools for computer-aided design.

“Playing Lego with Memristors” – Technion Colloquium, 2019
Youtube image for “Playing Lego with Memristors” – Technion Colloquium, 2019Youtube video link
"Memristor-based Logic Circuit Design" - ACRC Workshop, 2012
Youtube image for "Memristor-based Logic Circuit Design" - ACRC Workshop, 2012Youtube video link
"Memristive Memory Processing Unit" - Seiden Workshop, 2017
Youtube image for "Memristive Memory Processing Unit" - Seiden Workshop, 2017Youtube video link
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Meet Our Team

Photo of Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky
Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky
Photo of Ilan Lipschutz
Ilan Lipschutz
Photo of Ilana Zilberger
Ilana Zilberger
Photo of Anindita Chakraborty
Anindita Chakraborty
Photo of Minhui Zou
Minhui Zou
Photo of Oz Mendel
Oz Mendel
Photo of Ronny Ronen
Ronny Ronen
Photo of Barak Hoffer
Barak Hoffer
Photo of Ben Perach
Ben Perach
Photo of Orian Leitersdorf
Orian Leitersdorf
Photo of Rotem Ben-Hur
Rotem Ben-Hur
Photo of Lior Rodes
Lior Rodes
Photo of Tzofnat Greenberg
Tzofnat Greenberg
Photo of Marcel Khalifa
Marcel Khalifa
Photo of Issa Salameh
Issa Salameh
Photo of Duna Wattad
Duna Wattad
Photo of Sariel Hodisan
Sariel Hodisan
Photo of Batel Oved
Batel Oved
Photo of Nevo Werner-Reiss
Nevo Werner-Reiss
Photo of Jiang Li
Jiang Li
Photo of Shubhendu Pandey
Shubhendu Pandey
Photo of Henriette Padberg
Henriette Padberg
Photo of Thomas Neuner
Thomas Neuner
Photo of Rishona Daniels
Rishona Daniels
Photo of Arjun Tyagi
Arjun Tyagi
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ASIC2 Publication

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Research Areas

In our research, we focus on inventing novel circuits and architectures for various applications and building non-von Neumann systems to overcome the main performance and energy limitations of modern computing systems: