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Nicolas Wainstein’s paper was accepted to IEEE TCAS I in 2017!

October 5th, 2017

Nicolas Wainstein and prof. Shahar Kvatinsky’s paper, “TIME – Tunable Inductors using MEmristors,” was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Journal in 2017:

Abstract – Memristors have proven to be an attractive feature for memory, logic-in-memory, and neuromorphic computing. Recently, radio-frequency memristive switches (RFMS) have exhibited promising high-frequency performance, opening the possibility of their use in RFIC applications. In this paper, we present two novel topologies of Tunable Inductors using MEmristors (TIME), the memristive-via switched tunable inductor and the multi-layer stacked inductor switched by an RFMS single-pole double-throw. The two inductor topologies are fully passive and are tuned by electrochemical metallization (ECM) memristors. Memristive devices improve the performance of tunable inductors as they provide low-area overhead, low-energy switching and non-volatility, resulting in more compact and energy efficient devices. The topologies are implemented and simulated in a Momentum 3D planar electromagnetic simulator. Simulation results show a maximum tunability of 296%, a quality factor of 18 at 5 GHz, and self-resonant frequency above 8.4 GHz.