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Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky has given a seminar at the University of Utah

July 18th, 2018

Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky has given a seminar on “Designing Extremely Efficient Computers with Memristors” at the University of Utah on July 18th


For decades, the driving force for improvements in the computer industry has relied on scaling down the size of the transistors. Unfortunately, this trend has slowed down and computers cannot be improved anymore just by adding more devices. To overcome this challenge, numerous solutions are explored today, both on the technology domain (i.e., finding technologies to replace or complement CMOS transistors) and on the architecture domain. The classical computer architecture, based on general purpose processors and one coherent memory hierarchy is insufficient anymore.

The talk had focused on resistive non-volatile memory technologies (memristors), and showed how they can be much more than just a memory technology and how they can be used for different interesting applications such as artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, image processing and more.