Research memristive Memory Processing Unit (mMPU)

We aim to develop a new computer architecture that enables true in-memory processing based on a unit that can both store and process data using the same cells.

"Memristive Memory Processing Unit" - Seiden Workshop, 2017
Youtube image for "Memristive Memory Processing Unit" - Seiden Workshop, 2017Youtube video link
This unit, called a memristive memory processing unit (mMPU), will substantially reduce the necessity of moving data in computing systems, and as a result, will solve the two main bottlenecks existing in current computing systems, i.e., speed (‘memory wall’) and energy efficiency (‘power wall’). Emerging memory technologies, namely memristive devices, are the enablers of the mMPU. While memristors are naturally used as memory, they can also perform logical operations using a technique we have invented called Memristor Aided Logic (MAGIC), and this combination is the basis of mMPU.

The goal of this research is to design a fully functional mMPU, and by that, to demonstrate a real computing system with improved performance and energy efficiency. This research focuses on all of the full system aspects, including: mMPU circuit design, system architecture and software, modeling and evaluation, and fabrication.

This research is funded by the European Research Council starting grant and by the Israel Science Foundation.

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