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Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky, Loai Danial and Nico Wainstein have presented a tutorial at IEEE COMCAS in Tel-Aviv in 2017

November 16th, 2017

The tutorial focused on the use of memristors in mixed-signal and analog circuits, and consisted of three talks, described as follows:

Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky talked about “Basic properties of memristors and applications” and explained the basic properties of memristors and the state-of-the-art devices and applications.

Nicolas Wainstein talked about “Memristor-based RF circuits”, focusing on how memristors can be used as radio frequency switches and their use in RF circuits.

Loai Danial talked about “Neural Networks ADC/DAC” and described the use of memristors in intelligent data conversion circuits for reconfigurable digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital systems.