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This week, Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky and our students Rishona Daniels and Duna Wattad attended the FENS Forum 2024 Satellite Event on Cortical Neurons for Biological Computing in Vienna, Austria organized by the Neu-ChiP consortium.

June 25th, 2024

Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky gave a talk on “On Device Machine Learning With Memristors in the Neuromorphic Era”.
And our students Duna Wattad and Rishona Daniels presented their work in the 3rd annual physical meeting of the NEU-ChiP project.

The NEU-ChiP is an EU funded research project that aims to build human neural networks from Cortical Human iPSCs to produce a new paradigm for ML devices that harness the mechanisms and rules of the human brain.

It was great to meet everyone and discuss our work and future directions!