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Ameer Haj Ali
Graduate Student

21 years old, from Shefara’am Hazafon (IL).

2013-2016: I received my Bachelors degree in computer engineering from the faculty of Electrical Engineering at Israel institute of technology (Technion).

2016-present: I am a Master’s student (Direct Program) working under the supervision of Professor Shahar Kvatinsky at Israel institute of technology (Technion).

Modern computers suffer from a growing disparity of speed between processor and memory which significantly limits their performance. Additionally, as the number of transistors per chip continues to increase, the operating frequency stabilizes due to the power considerations. One of the leading solutions to these issues is to reduce data transfer by adding processing capabilities into the memory itself. For data-intensive applications, this means a significant improvement in processing capabilities by saving a significant amount of time and energy. Although all the attempts to implement this solution so far were unsuccessful, emerging nonvolatile resistive memory technologies (namely, memristors) offer an opportunity for developing a Memory Processing Unit (MPU). The MPU allows adding processing capabilities to the memristive memory cells, thus enabling novel non-von Neumann architectures.

Currently, my work focuses on implementing sophisticated applications, such as Matrix Multiplication and Image Convolution within the MPU.

I am enthusiastic about utilizing the non-volatility, high density and energy efficiency of the memristor for usage in IOT apps, non-volatile processors and wearable devices.

2015-2016: I worked as a Chip Designer at Mellanox Technologies, Yokneam in the R&D group.

2015-present: I am a Teaching Assistant in the courses: Circuit theory (044105), Electronic Switching Circuits (044147 – TA In Charge).

My Hobbies: Fishing, Fencing, Working out, Board Games, Poker, Swimming and Travelling.

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