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Conversion In-Memory using Memristive Neural Networks

This video contains a virtual presentation of the tutorial “Conversion-in-Memory Using Memristive Neural Networks” given in the Friday CIM workshop in DATE 2020 by Loai Danial.

Modeling a Floating-Gate Memristive Device for Computer-Aided Design of Neuromorphic Computing

This video contains a virtual presentation of the paper entitled “Modeling a Floating-Gate Memristive Device for Computer Aided Design of Neuromorphic Computing” at DATE 2020 conference. 

Interim Summary - insights of a faculty who's not so young anymore...

After receiving the promotion to Associate Professor with tenure, prof. Kvatinsky shares his insights and gives some useful tips in an inspirational talk to the EE department.

-This talk was given in January 2020.

Playing LEGO with Memristors

Transistors are the building blocks of today’s integrated circuits. However, their scaling with the same pace to maintain Moore’s law becomes not economical. Prof. Kvatinsky presents some alternative approaches for alternative devices and new architectures to continue improving computers. He discusses how Memristors can be used to store data and surveys the work that is done in our lab related to that.


-This talk was given at the Technion EE faculty meeting in June 2019.

The Israeli Education Channel, “Galileo", Season 9, Episode 1 (Hebrew) 

Prof. Kvatinsky presents to the young viewers a brief view of artificial intelligence and talks about the aims and challenges involved with teaching computers to perform complex operations instead of humans.

The Israeli Education Channel, “Galileo", Season 9, Episode 2 (Hebrew)

Prof. Kvatinsky explains how modern computers work and in which way computer science inspires them to develop.

The Israeli Education Channel, “Galileo", Season 9, Episode 3 (Hebrew)

Prof. Kvatinsky explains what is cyber security, how computers can be attacked and how it affects the way that computers are being designed nowadays.

Memristor-based Logic Circuit Design

In this talk, Prof. Kvatinsky describes the way Memristors function and show how they can be used for logic operations. He explains about Memristors’ polarity and presents three logic families with Memristors. He raises the methodological problems Memristors consist as well as the opportunities they hold.

-This talk was given at the ACRC workshop in March 2012.

mMPU: Memristive Memory Processing Unit

The mMPU has the potential in overcoming the von Neumann structure bottleneck and using MAGIC (Memristor Aided LoGIC) shows enormous advantages in particular.

-This talk was given at the Stephen and Sharon Seiden Frontiers in Engineering and Science workshop at the Technion in June 2017.