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Please See Undergraduate Proposed Projects for Winter 2021/2022

Prof. Kvatinsky received the Hershel Rich Innovation Prize from Prof. Koby Rubinstein, Technion's Vice President of Research and Development.
The prize was given to Prof. Kvatinsky, together with Dr. Nicolas Wainstein and Prof. Eilam Yalon for their work on Memristive Radiofrequency Switches.
MultPIM, our new paper in IEEE TCAS-II is online. Congrats to Orian Leitersdorf and Ronny Ronen for their great effort.
We propose a new technique to perform multiplication with memristors. MultPIM improves matrix-vector multiplication by more than 25X. You can see the paper >> here.
Prof. Kvatinsky gave a talk at the 7th Memristor and Memristive Symposium held during CNNA 2021. The talk was about "Making Real Memristive Processing-in-Memory Faster and Reliable".
A new paper was accepted for publication on IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs (TCAS-II), (in press): “MultPIM: Fast Stateful Multiplication for Processing-in-Memory,” O. Leitersdorf, R. Ronen, and S. Kvatinsky. Congrats all!
Orian Leitersdorf's paper has been accepted to ICECS 2021!
O. Leitersdorf, R. Ronen, and S. Kvatinsky, "Making Memristive Processing-in-Memory Reliable, 28th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS), November 2021 (in press). Congrats, Orian and all the others!
Marcel Khalifa's paper has been accepted to ICECS 2021!
M. Khalifa, R. Ben-Hur, R. Ronen, O. Leitersdorf, L. Yavits, and S. Kvatinsky, "FiltPIM: Filter in Memory for DNA Sequencing," Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems, November 2021 (in press). Congrats, Marcel and all the others!
A new paper was accepted for publication on Semiconductor Science and Technology, (in press): "Training of Quantized Deep Neural Networks using a Magnetic Tunnel Junction-Based Synapse", T. Greenberg-Toledo, B. Perach, I. Hubara, D. Soudry, S. Kvatinsky. Congrats all!
Keren Stern's poster about "Sub-Nanosecond Partial Reset for Analog Phase Change Neuromorphic Devices" received the best student poster award in DRC 2021.
Prof. Kvatinsky gave an invited virtual talk about "Real Processing-in-Memory with Memristors"in the Faculty Development Program on Emerging Topics in Computing: Quantum, Microfluidic and Memristors at JIS University, Kolkata, India.
Prof. Kvatinsky gave a talk about "Real Processing-in-Memory with Memristors" at Pliops, Israel.
Amit Schustik and Sarah Tareef, under the supervision of Nicolás Wainstein, were the 3rd place winners at the 2021 Yehoraz Kasher Excellent Projects Competition - at The Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Technion. Congratulations !!
Watch the video about their project >> Tunable Inductors Based on Phase-Change RF Switches.