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Please See Undergraduate Proposed Projects for Spring 2023

Today Henriette Padberg presented her results of her project work.
The research was about "Experimental Demonstration of Non-Stateful Logic Using SiOx-Based VCM RRAM Cells" and she showed the use of valence change memristors in a 1T1R configuration for non-stateful Logic-in-Memory.
Our new paper "FourierPIM: In-Memory Fast Fourier Transform and Polynomial Multiplication" written by O. Leitersdorf, Y. Boneh, G. Gazit, R. Ronen, and S. Kvatinsky, has been published in Memories - Materials, Devices, Circuits and Systems.
See the paper here.
Prof. Kvatinsky gave a seminar at McGill University, Montreal, Canada about "Making Real Memristive Processing-in-Memory Faster and Reliable".
Ben Perach defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Ben!!!
Prof. Kvatinsky gave a talk as part of the Israel Young Academy's event "Living in Science Fiction" held in Jerusalem. The title of Prof. Kvatinsky's talk was "Hardware is Back: How Artificial Intelligence Changes Computer Structure?"
Ben Perach presented his final Ph.D. seminar about “Architecture for Bulk-Bitwise Processing-In-Memory”.
Ben Perach presented his final Ph.D. seminar about “Architecture for Bulk-Bitwise Processing-In-Memory”.
Congrats Ben, it was an amazing seminar and you did such a great job in your research!👏
An article in IEEE Spectrum about our recent Nature Electronics paper.
See paper here.
Prof. Kvatinsky was interviewed to Hard Reset podcast (in Hebrew).
Listen to the interview here.
Our new article "A memristive deep belief neural network based on silicon synapses" has been published in Nature Electronics.
Congratulations to our former post-doc Dr. Wei Wang and the rest of the team, which included Barak HofferEric Herbelin, Dr. Loai Danial, Dr. Yang Li, Prof. Zhongrui Wang from The University of Hong Kong , and Dr. Evgeny Pikhay and Prof. Yakov Roizin from Tower Semiconductor. Their hard work and dedication have resulted in this groundbreaking publication. 👏👏👏. See the paper here.
Congratulations to Orian Leitersdorf for receiving the prestigious Jacobs Fellowship!
Prof. Kvatinsky gave a talk about "On-Device Machine Learning with Memristors in the Neuromorphic Era" at the CNRS AISSAI Workshop on Energetics of Computation in Artificial and Natural Networks, held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France.