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Please See Undergraduate Proposed Projects for Spring 2021

Amit Schustik and Sarah Tareef, under the supervision of Nicolás Wainstein, were the 3rd place winners at the 2021 Yehoraz Kasher Excellent Projects Competition - at The Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Technion. Congratulations !!
Watch the video about their project >> Tunable Inductors Based on Phase-Change RF Switches.
Congratulations to Issa Salameh for receiving the 2021 Faculty Excellent TA Award !
Congratulations to Prof. Kvatinsky for receiving the 2021 Norman Seiden Prize for Academic Excellence!
Prof. Kvatinsky was elected to the Israel Young Academy. Congrats!
You can visit Israel Young Academy here .
Congratulations to Adi Eliahu for receiving the best Teaching Assistant Award!
A new paper was accepted for publication on Advanced Electronic Materials, (in press): "Uncovering Phase Change Memory Energy Limits by Sub-Nanosecond Probing of Power Dissipation Dynamics,"  K. Stern, N. Wainstein, Y. Keller, C. M. Neumann, E. Pop, S. Kvatinsky, and E. Yalon. Congrats all!
Congratulations to Nicolás Wainstein for defending his PhD thesis! Mazal Tov!
Adi Eliahu's paper, "The Bitlet Model: A Parameterized Analytical Model to Compare PIM and CPU Systems" has been accepted for publication on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems Journal. Congrats Adi!
Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky, Prof. Eilam Yalon and Ph.D. student Nicolás Wainstein won the Hershel Rich Innovation Prize 2021 for their research work on Adaptive Radiofrequency Circuits based on Resistive Memory Technologies. Congratulations !!
Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky gave a lecture in the Israel Innovation Authority workshop on AI accelerators.
Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky is giving a lightning talk at Apple's Virtual Workshop on On-Device Machine Learning.