About Us

The goal of the ASIC2 Technion Research Group, led by Professor Shahar Kvatinsky, is to explore novel applications of emerging technologies in different fields such as Computer Architecture, VLSI Systems, Integrated Circuit Design, and Hardware Security.

Tab Team

ASIC2, Winter 2023

Research Focus and Interests

Currently, our research focuses on performing logic using memory cells to build the memristive memory processing unit (mMPU), mixed-signal circuits, RF circuits, neuromorphic computing, cytomorphic systems, deep learning accelerators, internet-of-things, and hardware security.

We also develop device, circuit and architecture models and tools. Some of them can be downloaded from this website.


Our Vision

Emerging technologies, such as memristors, have new and very different properties than conventional technologies. These new properties can be exploited for more than just replacing the existing, and may enable completely new designs.

We believe that using new materials and devices allows us to revisit the entire way modern computing systems are built.

In our research, we focus on inventing novel circuits and architectures for various applications and building non-von Neumann systems to overcome the main performance and energy limitations of modern computing systems.