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Nimrod Wald
Graduate Student

I am a graduate student working towards a master’s degree. My interests are circuits and architectures using novel memory elements for the realization of logic. I am interested in all levels of integration from logic gate to system scale. My work includes theory and analysis of novel ways for implementing logic, as well as hands-on lab work. In the lab I try to make the logic circuits operational using prototypes of memristors, and deal with real-life issues of novel devices. I am also a teaching assistant in the Technion, teaching courses on logic design and on the fundamentals of memristors.
I am a Technion graduate with a bachelors degree in both Electrical Engineering and Physics (Cum Laude).
My work experience includes digital design and architecture positions in Qualcomm inc.
I live in Bat-Galim, Haifa, with my wife and son.

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