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Leonid Azriel

I am a PhD student collaborating with the ASIC2 lab. My advisors are Professors Ran Ginosar and Avi Mendelson, and my research topic is in Hardware Security. I received my BSc and MSc also from the Technion. All the degrees are in Electrical Engineering. Prior to starting the study towards PhD, I served at different technical and managerial positions at National Semiconductor, Winbond Electronics and Nuvoton Technologies companies. My research interests include test mode side channel attacks, secure hardware architecture and security with memristors.

List of publications

Journal Publications

Leonid Azriel, Avi Mendelson, Uri Weiser: “Peripheral Memory: a Technique for Fighting Memory Bandwidth Bottleneck,” Computer Architecture Letters, 2014 (in press).


Conference Papers

Leonid Azriel, Shahar Kvatinsky, “Towards a Memristive Hardware Secure Hash Function (MemHash),” accepted to the IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust – HOST’17

Leonid Azriel, Ran Ginosar, Shay Gueron and Avi Mendelson, “Using Scan Side Channel for Detecting IP Theft,” in Proceedings of the 5th International workshop on Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy – HASP ’16.


Technical Reports

Leonid Azriel, Ran Ginosar and Avi Mendelson: “Exploiting the Scan Side Channel for Reverse Engineering of a VLSI Device,” Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Tech. Rep. CCIT Report # 897, May 2016.



Leonid Azriel, Ran Ginosar, Avi Mendelson: Scan Side Channel Analysis: a New Way for Non-Invasive Reverse Engineering of a VLSI Device, Technion Cyber Day, July 2015.



Scan Side Channel Analysis: a New Way for Non-Invasive Reverse Engineering of a VLSI Device,” ChipEx, May 2015.

Digging Out Proprietary Security Features from Hardware With a Scan Side Channel Attack,” IBM R&D Labs 2nd Security Research Seminar 2015.

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